About Kloë

Kloë Shinn is a Korean/Canadian singer, songwriter and producer who currently resides in Los Angeles, California. As an accomplished songwriter, Kloë has worked with such major studios as Disney and Universal during the course of her career. Her music has also been featured on numerous hit TV shows, like "Dancing With The Stars," "Love & Hip Hop," "The Real Housewives," "Queer Eye" on Netflix, "The View," and many more. When it came time for the theme music for Meghan Markle’s film “Random Encounters,” Kloë was chosen to create music and give the future Dutchess of Sussex’s romantic comedy that fairytale feel.

Kloë is now shifting her focus from behind the scenes to sharing her new sound with the world as a solo recording artist. She’s currently gearing up for a fall release of her brand new 6-song EP entitled "My Own Mini Album." The title of the EP is a play on words that partly references the EP's lead single "My Own," which was released earlier this year, while also acknowledging her endeavor into this new musical pursuit she can finally call "her own."