New things.


New things.


Hi loves!

Woo hoo! Welcome to my brand new website :). I’m so excited that you’ve stopped by to see what’s up. I really want my website to not just be a place to get the usual information of what I’m doing musically — but I also wanted somewhere I could share my thoughts in more than 140+ characters ;). Instagram captions are sometimes too constricting as well — so this will be where I can share more of what’s on my heart or simply update you in my own words on the latest in my life. So, what’s the latest with me then? Well — not to sound like a cliché artist but trulyyyy, I’m so excited for everything that’s happening with the music right now. I’m shooting back to back music videos this fall to prepare for the release of my EP. I’m going to be taking you guys along for the whole process of it so stay tuned for that! Maybe even planning a little something that rhymes with “more”…”store”…begins with a “T”… hehe.

I just want to say thank you to every single one of you who have been on this journey with me in love & support. I create FOR YOU.


So much more to come,

Let’s do this…

xx KS